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Resources to Support your Career Transition

Come together, meet others and learn tips and techniques from Suzanne.

You do not have to navigate this alone. 

Below you will find guides and webinars, to support you through redundancy and career transition .

On Demand

On Demand Webinar with Steve Ware, Mindfulness Expert and Zoe MacAskill, LinkedIn and career transition specialist. Previous live recording.
Career transition can feel a really uncomfortable and daunting time. The emotions can change day to day, week to week, and job searching is a time to really focus on resilience.

We will explore practical tips you can do to navigate change, why transition feels so uncomfortable, and how you can boost your resilience to support your well-being.   

" Even though I chose voluntary redundancy, I was unprepared for the psychological impact that it would have- self-doubt and imposter syndrome - I have felt it all! Connecting with Suzanne and others, has given me the confidence I needed to move forward" 
Debbie, Global L+D Manager

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My Top 10 Steps for an Effective Job Search

First 90 Days in Your New Role Guide

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