1-2-1 Career Coaching & Life Coaching - Power Session

1-2-1 Coaching Focussed session

It’s time to focus on you.
If you are stuck in a career that gives you no joy, lack confidence, feel overwhelmed or you need to secure another role as quickly as possible, then I would love to support you. 

 If you feel stuck, unaligned or confused about your next steps, it’s time for 1-2-1 coaching to get unstuck.

2020 showed all that no job is for life in this ever changing world of work.

It's time to take positive action to move forward and take control of your career. 

Who is this for?

If any or all of the following apply to you then let me help you

- You are on the hamster wheel or feeling confused about your next career steps.

- You are struggling to come to terms with redundancy and the emotional impact that it can have.

- You want some support to stop feeling overwhelmed, get unstuck and move forward. 

- You want practical careers and job search support combined with supporting your well-being and spiritual growth. 

- So let’s take some focused action. Whether you want to accelerate your job search, support your well-being, improve your confidence or develop your leadership skills.  I've got you.

What you get

An Intensive 90 minute power session.

What clients have used this session for. Generally to do a deep dive into a specific topic. However - this is your time to focus on whatever you want to, so we can cover multiple areas :-  

- Gain career clarity and focus, to feel re-aligned to what you really want.
     -Boost confidence, identify and reframe limiting beliefs. I blend career and mindset techniques to feel far more empowered.

-Build resilience and navigate the emotional rollercoaster of redundancy, focusing on practical techniques to improve physical, emotional and mental well-being.

 -Get more robust job searches in place to get found by recruiters and save hours trawling irrelevant jobs online.

- Accelerate your success in your first 90 days in a new role to feel more confident and get off to a flying start.

 -Leadership development support to accelerate performance and improve confidence in a new job. (eg setting expectations with your new team, communicating more effectively with your team, team dynamics, leading remotely).

I will give you guidance and additional tools and supporting documentation to get you well underway.    

Your investment pays for knowledge and outcomes and I guarantee you will leave the our video call inspired, focused and more confident.  

Even though I chose voluntary redundancy , I was unprepared for the psychological impact that it would have .... you have given me the confidence to move forward ..... I got the job!"
Debbie - Global L+D Manager

"Suzanne you have such a way with people. You have given me so much confidence and I know clearly what I need to do to move forward" - Nicki , Security Manager

What's Included

1. Preparation

You will receive a questionnaire ahead of our session so I am clear on what you would like to get from our time.  

2. Coaching on Zoom or Teams

We will have a 90 minute coaching session on Zoom or Teams to do a deep dive into a specific area , with focussed outcomes.

3. Follow Up

I will send you any supporting information from the session I feel you would benefit from.

I also offer a follow up phone call to check on progress and answer any questions you may have.

So if you are ready to...

- Feel more focussed and less overwhelmed
- Have actions to move you forward to accelerate your job search or career management
-Feel more confident and empowered

Then book here .....

"Having benefitted from your wisdom and insights, I have never done better". 
Jim, Senior Operations Director.



One-time fee, GBP incl VAT

  • A phone call and questionnaire so I know exactly what you would like to focus on during our session. 
  • I will prepare supporting information that I feel will benefit you 
  • Zoom or Teams call - 90 mins 
  • Any additional information will be sent following our call and an email follow up to answer any further questions.

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I'm all for the human touch and nothing can ever replace a conversation.  So please do not hesitate to reach out to me for a complimentary conversation to discuss how I can support you and ensure I am the right coach for you. 

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