About Me

I have 20 years of experience across the recruitment and outplacement sectors, coaching and training professionals and executives to land new roles following redundancy and to thrive in their career.

I strongly feel there is not enough quality support for professionals following redundancy, as it massively affects confidence and well-being. This can affect starting a new role and leading a new team, where imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs can be prevalent.

I will never forget both of my redundancies, once during a recession and both from jobs I loved. I will also never forget being let go from a new job, just 12 days in, as a sole breadwinner, with one weeks paid notice. It was awful.  

So my mission is to provide quality support to see people thrive in their career.

I have been a hiring manager, an in-house and agency recruiter and an outplacement consultant for global, market leading organisations.  

I am an ILM Level 7 executive coach and mentor and learning and development specialist.  I am Associate for the CIPD ,Thomas PPA Practitioner and an accredited training provider for FAIB, for Mental Health and Well-Being training. 

I live in Gloucestershire with my two amazing kids. We make a mean chocolate cake between us, love walks in the countryside and together, we make up 'Team Penny".

Please visit my testimonials page to see what some of my clients have said.

My Story

I have experienced redundancy twice, once in a recession and been out of work as a sole breadwinner. 

I always wanted to help people find jobs, which is why I started my career in recruitment. After four years recruiting and becoming a top billing recruiter, I ventured into training and coaching other recruiters and managers, which fuelled my passion for people development.

Then, following a restructure, my role was made redundant.    All that hard work, and my amazing team, came to an end. I was gutted.

After the rollercoaster of emotions that followed, I landed another role as a Learning and Development Manager for another great recruitment company.  It was an amazing job which I Ioved.

Four years later, the recession struck and the whole team got made redundant.... not again!

I was out of work in a recession, with a one year old son and then saw the most perfect opportunity. 

A reputable, local recruitment company needed someone to support their client's employees who were experiencing redundancy.  That is how I got into the amazing world of outplacement and career transition coaching, which led me to work with the global market leader in career transition and talent management solutions.

Alongside this work, I have also worked in Learning and Development contract roles for both the public and private sectors.

During my career I have:

  • Supported hundreds of clients on a 1-2-1 basis and trained thousands of professionals in career transition.
  • Delivered Learning and Development initiatives to organisations across a range of leadership and career management topics.
  • Volunteered my time and expertise to support professionals out of work in the pandemic.
  • Been invited to speak at global events.
  • Experienced burn out and depression. I don't say that lightly. I literally collapsed at work through burnout, lost a load of my confidence and knew I had to make some positive change. 
  • Experienced the rollercoaster of emotions following redundancy twice. 
  • Found myself suddenly out of work as a single mum with two kids to support, not knowing when my next pay cheque was coming. 
  • In 2020 I lost my Uncle Tony, who had a mental disability.  Tony passed away at the end of lockdown in 2020.  An amazing man, who makes me determined to raise money for mental health charities through my work.  I run complimentary webinars to support those open to work, and donations are optional.    

"Suzanne, I don't know if you remember me.... you gave me confidence, belief and encouragement at my lowest ebb.
I have a lot to thank you for. I have now been in my new job for 3 years thanks to you."

(Of course I remember Kim, I remember every single client as they are unique, amazing people. Kim and I had a chat in 2021 and I am so thrilled that she is so happy all these years later). 


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