Career Clarity and Confidence
"Find your Light"

Re-align and find what lights you up. 

You know your career is important to you. But you feel like you have lost your career mojo.

Perhaps your role has been made redundant and you are wondering what's next.
Or perhaps you feel stuck in a career that gives you no joy.

If you are not where you want to be, you don't have to figure it out alone.

2020 showed us all the importance of owning our careers and not getting stuck in a career that no longer serves us. It's time to re-align and "find your light".

 Because once you find it, you will feel confident and energised to move forward and do work that fulfils you.

Life is too short to be unhappy at work.  We change. We grow. Don't stay stuck. Take action to feel fulfilled. 

Who is this for?

-You feel stuck and unaligned in your career.
You want to find your career mojo , but something is niggling as to what that even is?

-You know the time is right to move from your current role. Truth be told, you haven't been happy for a while. Trouble is, you are unsure what you even want anymore.

-You are at a career crossroads, which could well be due to redundancy . Redundancy has a way of making us re-assess everything, our career, life, purpose.

-You want to focus on you and feel motivated to make a positive change to feel happier at work.  

A global poll by Gallup uncovered that of the world's one billion full time workers, only 15% of people are engaged at work, yet we spend on average 1800 hours a year at work.  Life is too precious to be unhappy at work.

What's Included

·Explore and get clear on your values, your strengths and your motivators.

·Explore career highlights and use reflection tools to identify your key achievements and drivers. We will start piecing things together in a career map.

·We will complete your personalized career map and explore and narrow down options for you and how to get you there, weaving in practical support and clear actions to move you forward.

 ·Greater confidence – we will reframe any limiting beliefs and work on mindset and confidence to get you back in the driving seat of your career. (I blend CBT techniques with my coaching as well as visualization techniques).

·We will take stock as it may be that part way though, you realise fully what you want to do and want to spend remaining coaching sessions on practical steps to finding that next role.

Alternatively, it may be that you will benefit more from further remaining modules to:-

 ·Navigate change and resilience, focusing on your well-being and building your emotional, physical and mental resilience. Getting clear on your personal and career goals and steps to prioritize. (I use a life coaching model).  

·Learn how to be a career activist, working through a checklist to ensure you adopt a proactive, confident approach to your ongoing career so that you keep the momentum when you don’t have coaching support.  

As a result:
-You will feel much clearer on who you are, what you want and how to get there.
-You will feel far more in control of you career planning and ongoing career management.  
-You will grow in confidence, be able to reframe your mindset, overcome blockers and feel so much more in control .  

It's time to re-align and "find your light" .
Because once you find it, you will feel confident and energised to move forward and do work that fulfils you.

After our first few sessions, my amazing client told me  - "I have found my career mojo !!"

After our series of coaching, she then told me:

"I have been successful in landing the most fantastic job, in my target sector and in a senior role with all those things I dreamed of. You've given me a huge amount of confidence to make my dreams happen and I can't thank you enough for helping me....  thanks again Suzanne, you are an awesome career coach"
Heidi, Senior HR Manager.

What's Included

1. Preparation

We will have an exploratory call and I will also send a pre coaching questionnaire.

I will give you the opportunity of course to ask any questions and ensure I am the right match for you.

2. Coaching 

We will have a series of coaching calls via Zoom or Teams (or I can meet locally if Gloucestershire) and will use various assessments.  I will also send some exercises to do in-between sessions.  

3. Support inbetween sessions

Email support is available in-between sessions - up to one hour of email support or telephone calls.

So if you are ready to...

 -Discover your "why" and get clear on your values and motivators
-Overcome any mindset blockers and feelings of imposter syndrome to feel confident and empowered

- Have a plan for achieving your goals
-Get back your career mojo and feel excited about next steps
-Adopt a positive and proactive approach to your ongoing career management
-Navigate change more comfortably, feeling far more in control 
-Know what you want and how to get it
-Have a strong CV for your desired career direction with support to navigate the job market

Then book a complimentary call.

"I have so much more clarity and feel so much lighter.
(followed by).. I got the job!" 

Dawn, Company Secretary

"Find your light " 

  • Pre-consultation exploratory call and questionnaire 
  • 4 or 6x 1-2-1 coaching sessions 
  • Strong CV and LinkedIn profile to support your career direction 
  • Supporting documentation, exercises and assessments in-between sessions
  • Email support or 4x 15 min telephone calls in-between sessions

I'm all for the human touch and nothing can ever replace a conversation.  So please do not hesitate to reach out to me for a conversation where we discuss how best I can support you.

You don't have to navigate your next steps alone.

Download my "Top Job Search Tips" guide for job hunting in today's job market to help you get ahead of the competition