Interview Coaching 

Transform your mindset. Banish your interview nerves. 

If job interviews make you feel anxious, you are in the right place. Maybe you feel you waffle, go off on a tangent, your mind goes blank, or you simply just want to equip yourself to do your best possible performance.
This is expert interview coaching, doing a deep dive into interview techniques to transform your mindset, grow in confidence and improve your performance.

As well as interview coaching, 

I also offer a guided interview meditation , as I have seen the transformation that meditation can have on my clients confidence.

Feel calmer, less anxious and far more prepared and empowered. 

Who is this for?

If any or all of the following apply to you then let me help you:-

-You want to polish your interview technique to feel more confident about your performance.

-You want to feel much calmer, and less anxious about job interviews.

-You want to stop the waffle, be on point, and get the right level of detail across.

- You want to nail competency based interviews and feel ready for the “tell me about a time when you” questions.

-You want to be able to approach your interview with a much more confident perspective.

How I Can Help

I have supported all levels of professionals and executives including C-Level executives to land amazing roles.
I would love to support you to land your next chapter. 

Having not had an interview for many years, my nerves and anxiety were huge and really shocked me , but I had it so much more under control after speaking with you.
(Lizzie had actually considered pulling out of her two interviews because of her nerves before I  met her)...

Suzanne persuaded me not to (pull out of my interviews) and boosted my confidence with her positive vibes and energy - I cannot thank her enough for not only getting me through 2 interviews, but also a job offer the same afternoon (plus a further interview with the other Big Four company)m which was largely down to her patience, positivity and encouragement"

Lizzie - PA to Senior Director

What's Included

So if you are ready to...

+ Feel more empowered and confident ahead of your interview(s)

+ Learn mindset and expert interview techniques

+ Ditch the waffle , stop going off on a tangent and be able to promote yourself in a more succinct manner  

+ Feel far less anxious

+ Approach your interview calmer and in a new perspective

Then book now...

"You have given me confidence to believe in myself", 
Wanda, Finance Business Partner.

Preparing for YOUR Interview: In-Depth Coaching and Follow-Up Support


One-time fee, GBP inc VAT

  • Pre-Questionnaire and I will ask you to send the job spec if you have a specific role you are interviewing for, so I can do more in-depth to prep to support you. 
  • 2 x 1 hour interview coaching sessions,  to help you do advanced, deeper preparation and if relevant, learn interview techniques.  However if you are on a tight deadline, we can block this together and have a 2 hour session. 
  • Afterwards, I will send supporting information with an in-depth guide to support you with competency based interviews. 
  • Follow up email or phone call to find out how your interview went and answer any questions about it. 

interview guided meditation for nerves & anxiety 


  • Guided meditation for interview nerves and anxiety.  Feel calmer, less anxious and ready for success.
  • Follow up email to find out how your interview went.

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