How meditation and journaling can help with career alignment

Meditation and Journaling and how it can help with alignment in your career, life and happiness.

At times of uncertainly, meditation has huge benefits across all areas - physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual.  But it’s not just during times of uncertainty. We often get caught up and preoccupied in thought, or overwhelmed by busy lives. 

I will openly share how I have used it to get my own alignment, and an exercise you can do to help you too. 

Before I do, here is an overview and the numerous benefits of meditation  :-

“Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon an sound, object, visualisation, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth” (the free dictionary)

My take on this, is that meditation is a practical habit you can do that has great benefits when done regularly for our mindset and positivity, which will help you create a happier life: 

Some of the benefits include :-

Helps with healing : if you are feeling stressed, anxious, experiencing symptoms of grief, loss, trauma.. meditation is a way of supporting you through the healing process.

Improves health: simply meditating on your breath can slow your heart rate and ease anxiety.  People who meditate regularly have been shown to feel less anxiety and depression. 

Sharpens your focus  - It can really channel your intuition to help you see things more clearly, both in your thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as improve your concentration.  

Balances emotions - increase consciousness of your emotions and help you feel less overwhelmed and overloaded. 

Meditation on Finding Your True Self 

  1. Sit cross legged on a cushion, with your back straight and your shoulders level and relaxed and your chin parallel to the floor . You can either close your eyes, or just lower them about a metre infant of you. Rest your hands gently on your knees. 

2.   Breathe normally through your nose, using your abdomen as opposed to your chest. And make sure than when you inhale, your abdomen expands with beautiful air.  Relax any part of your body that feels tense. 

3. Begin counting your breathe on each exhalation  count 5-10 seconds, whatever feels comfortable, and let any thoughts go which enter your mind. 

4. Do this for at least 5 minutes before you then do the next exercise… 

5. Now visualise a circle of light. A beautiful circle of golden light. Step into the circle. It will feel amazing on your skin. Enjoy the moment , and visualise you being really happy. That could be in life. In your career. In your new business you are building. Picture what you are doing. How you are feeling. What people are around you. What that new job, company, or your new business looks like. Feel it. Enjoy the moment. 

6. Now step out of that circle of light. Take a journal, and write down everything you saw. 

Write down how it made you feel. And keep going until every thought has come into that journal. 

I have done this meditation with coaching clients, and seen every time the, “Ah ha,” moments. I have had clients comment, “I don’t want to step out of the light into the reality,” ...

but, once back in the reality, we can then note the reality and what steps are needed to be taken to get into that circle of light. 

Meditation for A New Dream Career 

Try this one if you feel ready to manifest a dream, but feel afraid to move forward.  This one can help you make that first leap. 

1. Sit cross legged on a cushion and meditate on your breath for 5 minutes. All thoughts that come into your mind, let them go and clear your mind. 

2. Bring to your mind a dream or vision you would like to manifest. Ask yourself “why have I not moved forward to make it a reality” . Explore these thoughts and how they may be getting in your way.  For example “I have always loved languages and  wanted to be a language teacher but it’s too late for me”.  Limiting beliefs will likely come at you - Now counter those thoughts “people change careers at all stages of their lives, I could look to do a course to learn / refresh my language skill and look into teaching, interpreting or exploring a career path which involves languages / teaching” . 

A last little note from me - be willing to let meditation change you, it is a beautiful practice that can have amazing effects.