Supporting your Job Search
 in a Shared Experience

Supporting your 
Job Search
 in a Shared Experience

Welcome to my Redundancy Retreat Community

This virtual Redundancy Community is a place for you to learn, grow and expand your network with other professionals on the journey to that next role.
  It is for professionals and executives in career transition.
If you are looking for practical information, well-being tips and community, to support your career transition,
you are in the right place. 

Complimentary LinkedIn group and regular live webinars and Q+As to support you . I post weekly job search tips, wellbeing posts and accountability check ins in the LinkedIn group to help motivation and momentum.

Feel supported and empowered. 

What is the Retreat?

Being in career transition can harbour many emotions.
If your role has been made redundant, feelings of loss and overwhelm can be prevalent -  it can have a huge impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

If you decide it's time yourself to take control of your career and move on from your current job, navigating the job market requires confidence, knowing how to navigate the market, promote your skills and expertise and it can feel overwhelming, especially if you have been with the same company for many years.

Come together in community, with live, interactive training , encompassing both expert career and wellbeing support for your mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Who is The Retreat for?

- You want to feel part of a community of amazing, talented professionals, to learn, grow and collaborate.

-You want regular tips and advice on how to navigate the job market and land a new role.

-You want to feel more confident in what you have to offer.

- You enjoy live, interactive learning, with expert facilitation.

- You would like motivation and peer to peer accountability.  

-You would like you expand your professional network, take control of your career and not feel so isolated along the way.

Then it's for YOU!  
Join us.

Expect interactive training webinars around both job search, confidence and well-being topics. Expect networking, optional guided meditations and even some laughter along the way.

You do not have to navigate your next chapter alone.
The Retreat Community is here to  guide and support  you in your journey following redundancy.

 "I would recommend anyone in between roles right now to get in touch with Suzanne. I found her group support incredibly valuable , the feeling of honest and open inclusion was intangible. It meant more than anything to have a professional network being well steered when I was looking for my new role. I would encourage anyone to get in touch"

Gordon Petrie
Change Manager

 "Your dedication to helping others knows no bounds. If I have learnt one thing during this crazy year, is that job searching does not have to be a lonely occupation. Working together, as with most things in life, is the answer. There are many coaches on LinkedIn, though very few are exceptional. I can personally vouch for Suzanne as being amongst the very best of the best.

Stephen Murtagh

"I engaged with Suzanne and she gave me the confidence to believe in myself"

Wanda Jeffries
Finance Business Partner

"Even though I chose voluntary redundancy, I was unprepared for the psychological impact that it would have. Self-doubt and imposter syndrome kicked in- I have felt it all! Connecting with Suzanne and others has given me the confidence I needed to move forward"

Debbie James
Learning Delivery Manager Europe

The start of the global health pandemic in 2020 and the economic crisis that resulted from numerous factors have shown us that we may be on the same journey, but we are likely in different boats.

I believe that a strong support group can help alleviate the hardships of getting back on track with our careers following redundancy.

We are stronger together.

A little note...
I look forward to welcoming you.
 The Retreat Community is a supportive and collaborative space.
 A place to find yourself and make new friendships and connections along the way.

Because I have been there, out of work as a sole breadwinner, with just one weeks paid notice and no idea when my next pay cheque was coming.

Expect upbeat, motivational, yet supportive learning and Q+A.
 Expect weekly accountability check ins posts in the LinkedIn group.

The values in the Retreat are Connection, Compassion, Collaboration and Kindness. They will be weaved throughout everything we do.

I have been supporting professionals through redundancy and career change for almost 10 years and have coached all professional levels up to C-Level executives.  I have 20 years of experience in coaching and training in the recruitment and outplacement sectors, with an amazing network of recruiters.

I am an ILM7 qualified executive coach, an Associate of the CIPD and an approved training provider for  mental health and well-being for FAIB, the First Aid Industry Body.    Please note I am not a trained therapist our counsellor.
Here's what amazing,  talented professionals I have supported in 2020 & 2021 have said about my webinars and group coaching :

"Connecting with Suzanne was the beacon moment in my job search. She uses her real life experience and recruitment expertise to help us battle the challenges of the job market head on... Suzanne empowered me to remove my barriers and connect with people I had never met. Co-mentoring with these people was the highlight of my job search . Team work makes the dream work!"

Andy Bourke, Senior WIP Controller 

"Suzanne is one of the best facilitators and recruitment gurus I have come across on LinkedIn. She is a great leader for these calls - her enthusiasm, active listening and caring for participants really shines through on every call"

Fern, Project Manager

"I engaged with Suzanne and she gave me the confidence to believe in myself"

Wanda Jeffries, Finance Business Partner    

 "Suzanne you are an absolute God-Send ! My gosh thank you so much. I feel so much more confident. Followed by... I got the job!"

Lizzie Turner, Executive Assistant    

"Suzanne you have such a way with people. You gave me so much confidence"

Nikki Taylor , Security Manager

"Another fantastic learning and team session from Suzanne and her wise words and thoughts. Great to hear from the group too for their insights and experiences"

Nigel Walsh, HR Manager

"I found the interaction with other attendees really interesting and great to relate to real world experiences"

Ian Gurling, Training Manager

"One day we are going to get around to giving you a medal! Amazing career coach ! Suzanne is an exceptional coach and trainer"

Ananda Roy, Senior VP 

"As you have always said, communities win through. What great successes the team have had and so lovely knowing you are not alone on the job search journey"

Becky Webber, Recruitment Director 

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